A pleasure to work with. Totally professional and always there to help. Would recommend your services to anyone!

– Jamie & Jennifer Van Dusen

Great rapport; highly professional; Terrific results.

– Bob Miller

Very professional as well as fun to deal with. They did what they said they were going to do. They were very helpful in staging as well as preparing our home for sale. They know the Market and priced our home accordingly. It sold in l day. Great job!

– Brian & Cheryl Carroll

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Sheila and her fabulous team.. truly a sense of family. Their organizational marketing and professionalism were superb. One of the ‘extras’ we appreciated was the sensitivity to our emotions when selling our home of many years, and purchasing a new one to welcome us.

– Pat & Clovis Martin

We had used another realtor prior to hiring Sheila, and after our interview, we knew we were hiring The Coxworth Connection team for their knowledge of the market, their home preparation techniques and staging, the direct & rapid communication during the selling process and their professionalism. We would recommend this team to anyone & will use them again if needed in the future.

– Kerri-Lyn Errington

Outstanding service in preparing our home for sale. Sheila offers very professional and totally friendly service. Extremely helpful. We very much enjoyed working with them.

– Stephanie Duggan and Michael Webber

The tour “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” helped us tremendously. Staging our home for the sale; fantastic idea! These ladies focused on our needs and requirements, 100% of the time. Thanks to their creativity in setting up our house, knowledge of locations, and expertise and professionalism, we found a new home in no time and sold ours as quickly! What a team!
We would highly recommend to our family and friends.
Thanks again,

– Diane and Wally McNinch

Deciding to sell one’s home after 34 wonderful years is a daunting challenge, but with The Coxworth Connection, it can happen smoothly and successfully.
Initially we called Sheila because we knew her as a person of integrity, someone we could trust.
The first part of our journey together was searching for a new home. Finding a smaller home that meets all one’s requirements is not easy, but with Sheila it is possible! They searched and sifted through all the options, paying attention to our likes and dislikes as well as our priorities, and found us a wonderful home that we are sure will make us happy.
The next step in the process was preparing our home for sale.
At first we were slow to accept the idea that anything needed changing, but gradually we warmed to her ideas one by one. Their staging expertise became apparent as they worked her magic and our beautiful home became even more desirable.
The Coxworth Connection stand out in the service they provide because they become totally involved in the process. They don’t just suggest ideas, they provide the people and effort to make things happen. As a result, our home sold very quickly and at top dollar… a happy conclusion to an enjoyable process.
Thank you, You are a great team!

– Joan and Orest Roscoe

The house looked good, especially online, and we sold quickly at a good price. We could never have made the move without you!

– Jane and Richard Ferch

Sheila exceeded all of my expectations and have made selling property easier and pleasant. I enjoyed most, your knowledge and precise expertise in giving recommended procedures and help for a successful sale. I would highly recommend to anyone. They are efficient, thoughtful and very professional.

– Adeline Gadde

Knowledgeable, personable and extremely helpful – to prepare my home for sale. I think they both really enjoy what they do. Always available by phone or email.

– Andrea Solman

A common opinion is that selling your home is very stressful. They make it happen and we had fun doing it – certainly not stressful.

– Gary and Ruth Maxwell

We were very pleased with their expertise and professionalism when it came to selling our home. They offer excellent service and attention to detail during the entire process from getting the house de-cluttered through to staging and getting it sold quickly and efficiently. We would be very happy to recommend to anyone ready to buy or sell.

– John and Carolina McCaughan

There are no other agents or stagers like Sheila. Most stagers will just tell you what to do, not actually get it done. On top of that, they’re great negotiators. We thought they priced too low, but just went with it; turns out they knew exactly what they were doing, and the final price exceeded our expectations and hopes! We sold in one day…

– Dana and Anil Somayaji

Made our dream become a reality. After a year of waiting, the house that had always caught our eye went up for sale. We were hesitant, but with Sheila’s assurance and knowledge, we sold our home and will soon move into our dream home. Many, many heartfelt thanks!

– Eric Marceau and Michelle Douthwright

You continue to provide knowledge and professional service to us as clients, and we hope to see lots of you on a not-so-professional level. You are our friend and we look forward to seeing you soon.
I thoroughly enjoyed working together. From the initial contact to contract negotiations; the staging, pricing, little extras that made selling my home relatively painless.

– John and Janet Trudeau