From our homes to yours… Thank You!

2015 has almost come and gone and now it is time to take a look at the past year. You have put your trust in us and believed that we could see the “big picture” on how to sell or help you buy your homes. As agents we are sometimes so busy looking at improvements we can do for you whether it be in staging, selling or buying, that we don’t always take the time to just say a simple “thank you” for believing in us.

We do realize that is usually a very stressful time for clients to sell their homes as there are so many memories and good times tied to each and every house. Each time you move to a new house there are more adventures and more memories for the whole family. We appreciate how emotional it is for every client and we know that we have tried to be the most efficient, effective and professional team we can be.

We have only been able to be as successful as we are as a company because of you. It is sometimes hard to see personal items removed off bookshelves and buffets, artwork removed from the walls and new curtains and blinds added to our homes. But rest assured that we know that these are very personal items to you, but in order to sell your home we had to de-personalize and neutralize colors and de-clutter your home to give that special aura to your home that we know will sell.

Over the past year we have come into your lives, learned about your family, children and pets and how you want to move forward whether it be downsizing or upgrading to a larger home. We have added rugs, new paint, new flooring or maybe a vase or two to feature your home to the best it can be. A big part of our business in selling homes is to stage homes so that all the features in your home are not overlooked and are highlighted.

We hope that we were able to fulfill all your dreams of selling your home and helping you find the dream home you wanted. It is now our pleasure to say we have enjoyed every minute whether we had any hiccups or not and weathered any storms that came by.

2016 will bring new adventures for all of us. So from my home to yours thanks for letting us enter your homes and create magic. We couldn’t have been as successful a company without you. Here’s to 2016 and all the new experiences this year will bring to everyone.