Nightmare Scenario: The Failed Home Inspection

A home in the right neighbourhood, steps away from that community amenity and an overall atmosphere you’ve been dreaming about. You put in an offer and it gets accepted! Now what!?

The home inspection. This is, of course, wise advice from your Ottawa real estate agents. But what if the home inspector finds a problem?

This is the NIGHTMARE scenario for many people! The property they fell in love with has a flaw… or more.

We at the Coxworth Connection do not think of this as nightmare. It’s an opportunity. It is rare that a challenging home inspection cannot be addressed and resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

Three ways we can respond to a ‘failed’ home inspection

1) Re-negotiate Price: When repairs are needed, we can often bring an offer back to the sellers. This involves getting an idea of what it would cost to bring the property up to standard and presenting the owner with a price-reduction offer and undertaking the repairs.

2) Second Opinion: The Coxworth Connection uses well established, reputable Home Inspectors, and trust their opinion and approach. There can be times when different inspectors bring their different experiences and so may have a different conclusion about the same problem. It can be valuable to have a second inspector go through the property and give a second opinion.

3) Change Conditions: The third way is to change the conditions so that the home owner has to make the repairs prior to closing. This can include a changed closing date, or scheduling the repairs before closing.

A home inspection that comes back with a negative result is not the end of that dream home you fell in love with. The Coxworth Connection finds a way through the challenges that arise in home sale deals. We are experts, with may years of experience.