Ottawa Home Staging – Make an Impression, Stage your Curbside!

Make an impression – – – Stage your curbside!

As you are putting the final touches to the inside of your home, don’t forget the importance of your outside curb appeal. You want to make the first impression of your house so memorable that your phone will be ringing off the hook with future showings. Buyers look at the front of your house before they venture in. Make sure they want to see more!

Not sure how to stage the outside of your home? Here are some ideas to start:

  • Cultivate your gardens of overgrown plants and weeds; simpler is better
  • Make sure all outdoor woodwork and doors are freshly painted and free of peeling paint, dirt and insects
  • Sweep and clean all debris from walkways and driveways
  • Make sure your pool or pond is a clean and welcoming oasis
  • De-clutter your backyard, garage or sheds

Just as the inside of your house needs staging to create the right atmosphere to attract buyers, so does staging the outside. Do you know what colours would complement the outside finish of your home whether it is vinyl, brick or stone? Is your home situated in a country setting in or are you in a modern townhouse? How you show the outside of your house depends on the structure, style and correct colour palette to show off its finest features. Make your backyard a welcoming retreat with accent pillows and cushions. Add some greenery to your front entrance and backyard patio or deck.

To improve how you stage your home interior or exterior, simply contact Sheila at the Coxworth Connection for all your Ottawa Real Estate home selling and staging needs.