For Sale By Owner – Buyer Beware

For Sale By Owner – Buyer Beware

Many Canadians try to sell their homes on their own without researching this industry. They believe they are saving money and also have the time to sell their own homes.

You think there may be some savings, but are you willing to gamble your hard earned money? Here are some of the “for sale by owner” risks you should think about:

  • You must do all the negotiations for price and closing date on your own
  • Sellers may not always disclose all problems (i.e rodent infested attics, mold and mildew, water and septic problems to name a few)
  • You may be paying for more costs required by the seller than you need
  • You have to find your own lender who may not close on time with the best rates
  • You must write up your own purchase contract
  • You may forego title insurance and end up paying thousands on problems arising from this
  •  You may have to pay all closing fees yourself
  • You may not find a reputable house inspector or may decide not to have inspections done at all to save money
  • You are bound by the same laws as Realtors.

All of these factors can be an accident waiting to happen which can cost you more than you bargained for in the long run.

It is difficult when you sell or buy a house without a Real Estate Agent, as you must be all things: stager, photographer, knowledgeable about the Ottawa Real Estate market and a professional negotiator rolled up in one. There is more to it than erecting that “for sale” sign on your front lawn.

With Coxworth Connection, selling your home is their specialty. Staging, negotiating your price and finding experts for home inspection, financing and legal advice is their driving force. They even help you find your next home! All this is done for you with a wide range of expertise and knowledge of Ottawa and the surrounding areas and not to mention an excellent sales record. You can feel at ease that you will understand the paperwork you are signing. It is worth the time and money spent to have the experts work for you and have the job done right. After all as the adage says:  Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.