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Staging, Selling and Buying – All in one place at Coxworth Connection  

Do you ever wonder how one person can provide a market analysis on your home, give you some suggestions on how to sell your home and then find the next house of your dreams? It seems like an impossible feat for one person.

It takes a lot of time and energy to fill in all the paperwork, make sure your house is market ready and provide you with the skills and professionalism you deserve.

The Coxworth Connection realizes that it is indeed next to impossible for one person to accomplish all this and also do an excellent job selling your home and buying your next one. That is why the Coxworth Connection was developed.  They provide you with everything you need to help you stage, sell and buy all in one place.

What could be better than that?

The Coxworth Connection uses a professional staging service to get your home staged, and sold, by giving you valuable Real Estate advice on today’s fluctuating market and how to evaluate the price of your home in your specific neighborhood. The price of your home isn’t picked out of thin air. You are provided with a thorough market analysis of what houses are for sale in your area, their cost and what price they actually sold for.

The next step is to compare houses that sold in your area to your house and are able to price your home from solid statistical information.

They also help you to buy your next dream home. They take a special interest in what is important to you by sitting down with you and evaluating your specific needs required to purchase your next home. Buying a house can be as stressful as when you are selling. You need to look at certain factors such as: your lifestyle, suitable neighborhoods and what features in your home are important to you. 

Do you want to walk to work or be near schools, or do you prefer the country lifestyle?

Do you want a bungalow or do you prefer a two storey or perhaps a condo?

They can take the stress out of these choices by suggesting various houses for you to see using the specific information you have provided to them.

Now, let’s get your house on the market so you can get the dream house you always wanted!

Contact the Coxworth Connection if you want to stage, sell and buy all in one place with people who care about what is important to you.