Kiss of Death


Your Ottawa Real Estate Agent Helps You Overcome Outdated Challenges

Selling your home is a little more complicated than just putting a sign on the front lawn and opening the doors for people to come in.

Prospective buyers can sometimes have trouble disassociating the items they come across in your home with the actual home itself. They can become fixated on odd or peculiar items because when they come looking for a home, those items have already created your home’s feel and character.

A good Ottawa Real Estate Agent knows what can distract prospective buyers from picturing themselves living in that space.

Your home’s presentation is important, as are the renovations you may or may not need to have done. Over the last number of years there have been more trends toward neutral fixtures.

Fixtures are anything that is expensive to replace: Sinks, carpets, bathtubs etc., and when a potential buyer sees a green bathtub or flowered carpeting (Is there such a thing?), no matter how well kept, or in good condition they may be, these things scream “OLD”. To someone looking to buy your home, “OLD” translates to probably needing to replace them soon!

Unless a buyer is looking specifically for a home to renovate and your home is priced accordingly, we have found that green is often the kiss of death for a listing.

Not to worry, all hope is not lost.

The Coxworth Connection has the expertise to show you the best way to present your home so that prospective buyers see the benefits, not the challenges. Our staging and Nine Steps to Selling serves to bring out the best in any home. Call us today!